Leadership training, it has almost become a bit of a buzzword that is thrown around conferences for you to buy into the newest thing.

But my view on leadership training is simple…

It can transform ANY business, no matter how BIG or small and elevate the success of the business but most importantly the success of the PEOPLE who make up the organisation.

So, as a trainer myself, here are my top 5 benefits of leadership training;

1.    Deeper learnings – Learning about yourself and your team is one of the best things you can do as a business, discovering your own learning styles, communication traits and the same of those around you. But the learning should always be deeper (my pet hate is a 4-hour power point presentation) it should be hitting your team IN the room but also when they go home or sit back at their desks. The learning should be processing over a few days and not just a lunchtime.

2.    Faster results – You have probably heard this before, but working with a coach will provide you with faster results. Not because they are giving you the golden ticket for success but because they are enabling you to be the best version of you and allowing every single bit of potential to become a reality. The same goes for a great trainer, they will be giving your team golden nuggets that will hit them in the room but also when they leave, enabling them to sell more, market better and communicate with clients in an effective way.

3.    Further Clarity – Business direction, team dynamics, and firm goals are just a few things that this sort of training can help you gain further clarity on. One thing I always advise my clients before training is that you may find people that shouldn’t be in the business and you must be prepared to do what is right.

4.    Removes blind spots – Or the cure to tunnel vision syndrome! It is something that has been around for years and many do not find a cure. But being able to clear the daze away, see further opportunities that can help grow the business and people with it.

5.    Awareness – For me, this one is the big one and that is why I have left it till last on this list.

Awareness is the start of change, you have to be aware something is not working and then be curious about how you can change this. This applies to everyone within a business, the people in a business are what matters as they are the ones that will determine if the business succeeds or “fails”

If you are aware of the fact that you wish to do certain things, you can then apply new strategies (such as bring in a trainer, change up the working environment, get that bit of software that will help you achieve XYZ)

There are of course many other reasons to go down the leadership training route and I have picked just a few of them for this article.

So as you are sat there now, reading this, I want you to look around your business (no matter how big or small it is) and think about what you could be doing differently to grow your success, what can you change? What can you remove?

There are A LOT of trainers, consultants and coaches out there – a lot of them are great and many of them not so great. Make sure you choose the person who aligns with you and the business BUT not someone who is a carbon copy of the CEO…

Training is about development, not about telling your staff what you want them to hear but coming from a different person.

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