Commuters…. today was the first time in a while that I have been on a busy commuter train – and boy does it remind me of how much I love what I do!

Looking around the carriage and seeing the looks on people’s faces, I counted two people that looked semi happy people. The rest were either staring into space pondering their thoughts or getting entertainment from their iPhones.

It got me thinking…

What’s the reason that the majority of people in the morning commute are being sardines? Now I know that it won’t be the case for everyone, but certainly some.

Some of those that are commuting everyday, going home and then pressing the repeat – living in a modern day Groundhog Day. What is the reason? If it’s money, I assure you that there are many other ways to get money AND be happy.

Perhaps it comes back to the conditioning that is set upon us in school. “Take these exams because you will get into a good uni then you will be able to get a good job” but who is that job for?

The job that you might be sitting in right now, trying to use up minutes by looking busy and reading this on LinkedIn, facebook or maybe even my website!

I want you to ask yourself those two questions, what’s the reason and who is it for? If both outcomes end up at “money to be able to do XYZ” then I would say why limit yourself, if the outcomes don’t relate to your values then consider that, if you are doing it for everyone BUT yourself then another one to think about today. You are far more capable at doing other things than living for the weekend, living for the one or two holidays a year or living to meet the targets set upon you to get that “free” bottle of champagne as a pat on the back.

Your time is what you should cherish, figure out what you can do with it and what you love doing. I promise you everything will fall into place and you will no longer have the Monday blues, your awareness of your own possibilities will become limitless.

So if you’ve made it this far, firstly thank you. Secondly, be the change you want to see. Thinking and doing are two entirely different things, but the switch from thinking and doing is a simple step called action.

The amount of untapped potential that is within and around you should not be missed. New opportunities are everywhere, you just have to look.

If you’re already living the life you want to live – welcome to the club! Enjoy it, embrace it and share it!

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