This it is a common pattern I see with entrepreneurs – fearing hitting their goals.

Here is the thing about goals – you are in complete control of them, the size, the timeframe and the knock-on effect of reaching/hitting the goals.

When I see people NOT hitting goals they set, there is always a reason for it (remember there is a strategy for everything)

(on a psychology level there is usually a belief behind it when you are not hitting goals, such as feeling like you do not deserve the success, imposter syndrome and more)

But for me before you can do anything about it, it must all begin with the awareness.

Some people are not even aware that they move/change their goals so often that they never actually reach goals. But if you are always moving/changing the goals then this can hide the fact of something else that is going on.

I check in with myself every three months and in this check in I assess what goals I have, what goals I made in the last 3-12 months, how close I am to reaching those goals, what ones I have achieved and what needs to change – this also brings up some value & belief work as well.

Doing this allows you to have the awareness of what is going on in your life or business because lets face it…. we all can get on that road where things just seem to be happening but maybe the awareness drops down a little…

So as you are sat there now, take yourself back to the beginning of the year.. What did you want to achieve by the end of 2017…

Now as you are in that space, I want you to write down all your goals of 2017 that you had (no matter how big or small)

As you have that list now, put a tick, smiley face, highlight all the ones that you have achieved…

With what is left now cross off all the ones that actually you didn’t really want or need…

What is left?

The ones that are left think about what you can achieve in 2 months, taking us to the end of 2017.

Are there any you can break down into smaller, bitesized goals or action steps?

It is amazing what YOU can achieve in as little as 2 months

So from that list make a list of what you want to achieve by the end of 2017

and guess what… if any of those goals move into 2018 that is OKAY! But ensure that those goals are ones that you really want and desire to achieve…

Now you are left with a list of things you have achieved this year, a list of what YOU WILL achieve in the next two month s and you have probably started on your 2018 goals list as well.

Not a bad Thursday if you do this

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