Let me take you back to October…

I am sat in a training room in Marbella, with the first of 6 exams in front of me, staring at the first three questions and thinking… SHIT.

See I knew what the answers were, but I couldn’t access the answers in a way to actually get them out onto paper.

My strategy had failed me.

This was the first exam in my life that I truly cared about, that I really wanted to ace and as I was sat there staring at the paper thinking “I have cocked this right up”

I got frustrated, I mean really frustrated… I hated the feeling of knowing the answer but not knowing how to answer it.

I was self-sabotaging myself in front of my very eyes.

I dragged myself through the exam and passed the first one (just), but I wasn’t happy with the fact I felt I cocked up.

That evening my great friend and fellow NLP Trainer John Montgomery was staying at my apartment as he had to move out of his for 2 days…

This is where it gets interesting

Now for those of you that do not know John, he is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. He always put others before himself and also he is a creative genius!

So we were sat there in my flat, drinking… water (no really we were)

And John says to me “do you want to try my memory technique”

I was like, why not! It can’t do any more damage and I knew I had to think of a new strategy.

So he tells me to imagine a house and we create this amazing story within this house to give me all the answers I could possibly need for the next test.

15 minutes later we tested it, and I took to it like a duck and water.

In 15 minutes I managed to create, remember and tell the answers.

I was over the moon

I couldn’t believe that in 15 minutes I have managed to use this strategy to remember things and enjoy the learning process!

If this was taught in schools – I would have enjoyed it far more.

So this book, from which John learnt this technique (although I am pretty sure he already knew it) saved me!

If it wasn’t for John I would have dragged myself through the other exams!

Instead, I left thrilled with my results and owning the fact I am a bloody good NLP trainer!

It all comes down to strategy

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