We all have habits, some good and some bad.

Your habits are keeping you alive and kicking but your habits can also destroy you.

How many of you have adopted these habits for a period of time;

– The habit of doing jack shit ✔️

– The habit of being a victim✔️

– The habit of sitting in the same seat on the same train every day✔️

– The habit of not having a real conversation✔️

– The habit of not selling your services consistency ✔️

– The habit of focusing on others people’s success rather than your own ✔️

– The habit of being too emotional involved in an outcome and allowing it to effect your week, month, year…life! ✔️

You may be thinking – “Oi Shaggerty, some of these aren’t habits”

Well you’re wrong. If you are seeing these patterns crop are then they are a habit. You’re not changing the structure/system/strategy to change the outcome.

You’re sitting there right now thinking “fuck I’ve got some bad habits”

Guess what? So does everyone. You’re not special.

What’s the difference between you and someone at their peak in success? They are aware and in control of their outcomes.

“Steve you glorious man! How do I change these habits!”

Well firstly, thank you for owning up to the fact some of your habits aren’t serving you.

Secondly, quit.

Quit doing whatever it is you’re doing that not producing the desired results.

Quit reading that shitty book about business and following it word by word.

Quit being a victim

Quit thinking you know it all

You can change a habit in an instant. The moment you are consciously aware of it and aware that it is not serving you then if you carry on with said habit then you are also consciously allowing the outcomes and results that you’re not happy with.

The choice is yours

?Not mine

?Not your partners

?Not your parents

?Not your co-workers

?Not your dog

?Not your great aunt Gertrude

?Not your pet hamster

?Not the PM

‼️‼️‼️It’s yours‼️‼️‼️

So what will you choose to do? The moment you choose something different you are breaking the habit, yeah you might have to keep choosing the new thing to develop the new positive habit. But what would you rather?

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