I want to be the best at what I do, because of this I can not be average.

I am here to change lives…how can I do that if I am just average?

My standards for myself are set high, my standards for my clients are also set high… why?

Because working with others that do not want to be average is where the magic is, where we can create those moments that have a huge knock on effect.

As Steve Jobs said, you have to be crazy to see the genius!

You have to be able to have enough discipline that in those times where your friends think you are crazy for what you do it, you are so sure of yourself that you will carry on, you will get to where you want to go and be who you want to be.

Those times where you are sat eating custard out of a tin because you have no money in the bank (yup I have done that – devonshire custard is the best), but those times are the times that you will look back on and smile. Because in those times it means you are committed and disciplined to get to your goals…to succeed.

I look at situations differently from most people I meet. I see opportunities like they are leaves growing from a tree, I see the potential in people and their ideas like it is oxygen that I have to breathe. This is why I KNOW I will get to every single goal I set myself.


How aware are you of your current situation? Are you living your dreams or just day dreaming? Are you a person that will make it? Will create the opportunities that will get you where you want to go?

Awareness is the KEY to this, don’t fool yourself in thinking you are “busy” or “successful” or even happy. Because fools don’t make the long game, they don’t do whatever it takes. Fools have a box of plasters that they put over all the gaps in their lives, they talk the talk but they don’t walk the walk. They haven’t quite found what they love yet….even if they may think they have.

Don’t fool yourself to live a life you think is right, live the life you know is right.

The title for this is “I am not average”….

I am unstoppable

I don’t give myself excuses

I am focused

I know my values

I know what I want

I am committed to be better tomorrow than I am today…

Are you?

Don’t be average….

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