I have finally got a photo with Richard Branson, I am officially successful.

If you look up Success in the dictionary then the photo below will appear and it will say “Steven Haggerty is successful… can’t you see?

Now just to get a photo with Arnold, Tim Cook, Gary Vee and whoever is is trending on the twitter this week.

But I have a confession to make..

Believe it or not, this photo is not real, yes I know it is a shock to you. But I can’t let this go on anymore!

But more and more I am seeing people posting photos like this, with celebrities or in front of the latest Lambo/tesla/reliant robin and others looking on in awe.

I speak to entrepreneurs and business leaders on daily bases and here are some common themes that I see;

– Not knowing their own personal values

– Not having true business values to build upon

– No goals

– “Adopted beliefs”

– Lost or losing connection with self

– Lack of communication knowledge (awareness of how others see and experience the world)

– Adopted goals (seeing something and going I want that but no real connection to the business or self)

– Being a swimming duck

– Losing passion/focus/motivation for what they do

– Going from working on the company to working in the company.

To me this is a HUGE red flag in the entrepreneurial and business world.

And we can only blame ourselves, we have allowed ourselves to get sucked into the crappy seminars that have some motivational music playing with a slideshow of the key speaker with pictures of people that the audience respect. Then in that same seminar selling the “KEYS TO SUCCESS” to a room full of people that are in a certain state and will run to the back of the room.

This method, although it is a successful method for the event organiser, typically produces alot of people doing things that they are not really connected to. Doing things to “be like you”

I am publically announcing that when I begin my events and retreats next year, you will not be leaving doing something you feel you should do. You will leave doing something you want to do, that you are connected to and that will bring you what you desire.

This is another reason why I’ve made more of a move into the corporate area, because companies are buying off the shelf training programs and hoping it fits into their framework..

You wouldn’t buy a sofa and hope it fits through your front door… would you?

So next time you are going to a seminar, buying an online program or just really looking at yourself and business…

Be selfish, figure out what you want, what is important to you, what your true beliefs are and what framework you live by.

From that you can build anything you can imagine for yourself in life.

If you are feeling a little lost or have got yourself into your own rat race – I am now offering my 1-1 strategy breakthrough days to the public. So we can spend the day finding out who you really, what is really important to you and from there create a bespoke strategy for you…

None of this business in a box crap (Y)

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