*Long post alert!*

Why i won’t be saying New year New me this year…

2016 has been an amazing journey for me, my business has grown along with my network and friends. There have been ups and downs, spending too much, sleeping too little and a few dramas along the way. But it was a damn site better than 2015 (lost a very close friend and ended up doing some stupid decisions)

Now, I do not wish you to think that everything is perfect – because that would be BS. I can and will be improving and finding more balance among certain things, as I have said in the past always tweak as you go along as I believe that how you grow…don’t become stagnate.

But the reason I am not saying new year, new me is because I actually love who I am now, what I do and why I do it. I am 100% me whenever I am interacting, creating or doing anything. Being 100% can be a bit hit and miss with people, I am honest and blunt and sometimes people take a step back from that – but guess what? That’s okay! Because everyone is different (thank god) – seriously if everyone thought the same and had the same goals and aspirations how boring would the world be?

Many of you who have been following me for a while will probably know I am all about action, cracking on and getting on with things. This I feel is the key to doing anything, to being happy, to being successful and to being at peace with yourself.

I do what I do because I LOVE seeing people live up to their true potential, those pin drop moments in clients where they have unlocked a whole new world of possibilities..and guess what? Those possibilities are truly limitless.

Whether you celebrate new years or not, just know that whatever has happened this year, good or bad, you have grown from it, you are still here and you will always be here as long as you pick yourself up from the low times, dust yourself off and crack on.

For me, I will be celebrating coming into 2017 with friends but also reflecting on how my life has got to where it is now. From selling CDs aged 11 to being surrounded by amazing mindsets and opportunities.

These opportunities are out there for everyone to grab, take hold of and make their own. You just have to be willing to take those steps, the leap to grab them and discover the unknown (sometimes can be scary!)

Surround yourself with happiness and you will become happy, surround yourself with positive people and you will become positive, surround yourself with joy and you will become joyful.

But most importantly, whatever your 2017 plans are make sure that you are putting your words into action. This can be in the form of the smallest steps or the biggest leap – how you get there doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are allowing yourself to take the steps and leaps, take the chances and risks, take those midnight meetings if you have to, whatever it is…just say yes. Say yes to your life and say yes to being the person you want to be.

For me 2017 will be filled with more new things, new clients, new businesses, new podcast, more new friends and new adventures!

This is an awfully long post but I shall leave you with this…

Be you. In everything that you do, be you.

and if you don’t know who “you” is? Then have fun discovering yourself!

To my friends, family and random people that have me on Linkedin. I truly wish you have an awesome 2017 and our paths cross more.

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