We all know that one person, in pretty much all professions who’s ego will be living off that one big deal they did 10 years ago via fax on Christmas day whilst being snowed in.

But here is the thing, when was the last time they actually did something consistently?

Now days it is easy for people to “scam” others on social media by saying certain things to make it seem like they just closed 11m worth of business before Lunch.

Now this is not a post about selling……

This is a post about creating something that is consistent. Creating a business that you can keep growing (if that’s the goal), keep living off and it fueling the lifestyle that you want to lead…..none of that happens from a one hit wonder!

Why do alot of people get to a certain point in their business and it just stays at that level…

– They got comfortable (aka lazy)

– Their ego did not let them learn new techniques

– They did not really know their clients or customers

– They did not have a love for business or what they were doing

– They couldn’t turn their passion into a business (fairly common one!)

– They suck at communicating

I could go on but let’s keep it at that…for now.

Business fail not because of the lack of business but it is the lack of resourcefulness from the business owner, whether that is down to ego, not seeing other opportunities or perhaps they have just given up on the business.


I truly believe every single business can be turned around at any stage – if the person running it is willing to change their ways. It takes guts, determination and the willingness to learn and listen.

So if the first 5 months of the year haven’t gone to plan, perhaps all you need to do is take a step back, see where you are, what you are doing and where you want to go.

Drop me a message if you are struggling in your business right now and let’s get you back on track before you turn your life into a chore and fall out of love with it!

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