#mondaymotivaiton Is not with me at this present moment in time. If I’m honest with you I am writing this from the comfort of my bed, looking out the window on what a beautiful day it seems to be!

I woke up with zero motivation to do anything today. My weekend consisted of a 12 hour 1-1 day on Saturday with a client and then Sunday I relaxed and reset – it was excellent.

Here is what the “hustlers” of the world will tell you their Monday will consist of;

5 Am wake up club ✔️

20 prospects before 9am ✔️

By lunchtime watched the latest Gary Vee shows ✔️

Grinding away till 3pm ✔️

I gotta grind 30 hours a day to succeed ✔️

3pm upload lunch picture “oops I been hustling so forgot to have lunch” ✔️

3pm – 12am hustle hustle hustle ✔️

12am status “ready to start again at 5am”✔️

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ This is a right here is a crap mentality. If your belief is you have to “hustle” 24 hours of your day then you are not working hard or smart. You’re just looking like you’re being busy.

I see it all the time, 5a club, 6am club. I’m part of the 10am club usually and guess what? I know extremely successful people who are part of all the clubs.

There is no right or wrong way to set up your day, do whatever works for you. But if you’re doing it because you feel this is how you get success then I’m calling you out right now.

I’m the type of person that can do more in a solid 3 hours focused work that I would if I made myself get up at 5am to work until 1am.

If I did that I would just be filling my time with useless crap rather than actually purposeful work.

So today (Monday) I am demotivated, am I beating myself up? Nope. Will me not being motivated today have an effect on my success? Hell no

How do I know this?

Because I know me! Everything starts with awareness in business and in life. I know my triggers and I know what motivates me to do things. Me reading a book about what motivates a successful people might not correspond with my own values and then why would I implement.

You have to know yourself inside and out before you can get successful.

A lot of my clients expect to come and work with me about business and then find the first step is all about them, their life, environment, beliefs and values. My work is to ensure you have a kickass business that aligns with your life! Otherwise, it’s pointless.

So if you’re sat there filling your time today, let me just ask you. Do you really know who you are? What you’re doing and why you’re doing it?

Remember it’s easy being motivated and busy. It’s getting the results that align with you is what matters.

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