Those times as an entrepreneur when you think “shit maybe I should just get a job” are not only often the most motivating times – but the moment you ask yourself that question and the reply is “no you won’t – get your shit together” confirms to you that you are on the right track!

I have had that thought countless times over the past 2,3,4,5…years! Sure a few of those times I did go out and get a job, but let me tell you that the salary each month was a huge motivation for me not to have that job anymore!

You can be sat here on a Monday, in fact, bank holiday Monday, as either someone who is starting to doubt themselves or perhaps the other side of the table you are truly dreading going into work tomorrow.

I know that anybody that wants to pursue their own venture has the abilities to do so, the resources are around them.

So if you are a worker wanting to create your own thing, then create the right environment for that to happen. If that means going contract or freelance with your current job to free up some time, then do it. You don’t HAVE to just cut and drop and throw yourself into the life of an entrepreneur.

Or if you are an entrepreneur creating something amazing, perhaps you have had a crap few months and things are just looking pretty shit right now. Do not give up, do not lose focus, do not doubt yourself and do not stop pursuing your dreams. The only time your creations, ventures and dreams stop is if you allow them to stop.

You can do this

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