STOP DICKIN AROUND in your business!

Over the past few weeks I have spoken with a number of new-ish entrepreneurs and here are a few common traits I have seen;

– Lack of clarity
– Trying to do 1000000s things at once before even starting the basics
– Making zero money
– Having zero prospects on the horizon
– Signing up to 5 different marketing courses and then getting pulled in 5 different directions on how to market their business

– OVERTHINKING <<<< This is a HUGE one, over thinking leads to ending up doing absolute jack shit. This is when you have that awesome idea, or you know a great prospect then you over think it and 6 months later you are overthinking why it all went tits up.

There are ALOT more I could list but these are some traits I have seen alot of these past few weeks.

I think overthinking leads to all of the above.

You could be in business a day or 3 years and have all of these issues.

How do I overcome them I hear you scream! Well firstly stop dickin about!!!

Stop following everyone and anyone and going nowhere
Stop trying to please every single person
Stop being fake – if you are struggling then reach out to someone that can help you
Get rid of your ego – this can make or break you
Stop looking at the BIG picture (keep the big picture) but start looking at where you currently ARE and HOW you can actually achieve the big picture/dream/goal
Stop going to the wrong/shit networking events/seminars
Stop going to coffee meetings for 3 hours and achieving zero
Stop being “Busy” and START being productive

Break down what you are currently doing, why you are doing it, is it working, is it not?


Business does not have to be hard, in fact, if you really break it down it is ridiculously simple (we just all love to over complicate it)

So break down where you are currently at in your business on a whiteboard (if you don’t have one…buy one). Put all the shit on there and all the good stuff but keep it CURRENT no future tense. If it is not currently happening do not put it on there.

Then step back, look at what is working and what doesn’t. You can then get much more clarity in terms of where you are and start to develop effective strategies to get the goals you want.

Oh and keep your business goals to 3, 6 and 12 months. 5 years is great for lifestyle goals but things change too quickly now and in 5 years you could miss a shedload if you aren’t on top of things!

So stop dickin about and start creating the business you set out to!

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