Want to Build a successful business? This is what it takes:

– Action

– Grit

– Knowledge

– Positive attitude

– Business mindset

– Self motivation

– Determination


– Know your ideal customer

– Action (Don’t just sit on your arse waiting for the emails to roll in)

– Environment (surround yourself with people that will help you rise and be there if you fall)

– Failure….. (do not fear it)

– A bucket load of YOU! Yeah thats right, you can just be YOU – don’t be the next XYZ be the only YOU

– Growth plan

– Common sense

– Ability to switch off coaching mind (I know a few of you who struggle with this!)

– Presence (web & in person)

– Networking skills

– Self belief (if you do not think you can make it a success then how will you?)

– Attitude (Don’t take shit from people who wish to use and abuse you)

– Action (oh yeah, did I mention this? Well tough, because you need it)

– Ability to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and carry on

– SALES (Up again, want to actually make money in Coaching and do it full time? Then guess what you will need to charge enough to make this happen – Its the value not the price remember)

– Ability to have FUN (well why not?)

– A coach or three (every coach has a coach, I have multiple!)

What you DON’T need

– A sob story

– The lies you tell yourself every now and then

– 1000000 clients

– A book (Don’t do say you’re an amazon best seller if you have only sold 3 copies)

– A PA, VA or personal messaging service (starting out at least, don’t waste your cash on this)

– A niche

– An office (to start with, home base, co-working, FREE spaces are everywhere)

– Huge facebook marketing campaign that gets you next to no leads (better to be targeted and direct with any marketing campaigns

– Shitty slogan to your name

– 100000000 followers on facebook, instagram, linkedin, myspace, bebo, POF, Tinder etc etc

– Excuses

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