After having coaching with Steven, I can genuinely say I would recommend him in a heartbeat. I enquired about the coaching with the intention of improving a particular area of work at the time, and left after the coaching in a very different state as it had opened up avenues I had wanted to work on, but did not think possible at the time.

This jolted me into looking and my business very differently and pursuing what I really wanted to do that has opened up a lot more doors financially and career wise.

His weekly coaching was invaluable to keeping me focused and accountable to the goals and plans we set in the intensive days, and I have stayed in contact with Steven since and he has been happy to help with advice at different stages.

Nearly a year on, I have developed hugely following Stevens coaching, both personally as well as professionally. Although the outcome is very different to what I initially thought it would be after coaching with him, I am now a lot more aligned with what I want to do moving forward and happier in all areas of my life. I am now making a living as a performer, doing what I absolutely love, and I am in the process of starting my property portfolio.

His coaching opened my mind up to a very different way of thinking and I continue to work on this each day. His advice and help has been invaluable and is clear how its filtered into different areas of my career. I look forward to our next coaching session and seeing the next 6 month unfold! Thank you!

Chloe B - Actress