If you are looking for a business coach to propel your business, I cannot recommend Steven Haggerty enough.
Like many people; on top of business I have a family, and I am carer, so I am pulled in many different directions during the week. I needed to shake things up to get back time and to reduce the continual felling of playing catch-up.
I was juggling too many balls in business 1, which left me little time to dedicate to business 2. Too many ideas; and procrastinating even about things I really wanted to do.
We went through what had been happening and what I wanted to do. I mean what I really, really wanted to do.
Without skipping a beat, Steven came up with a strategy and more ways to implement than I could mentally take in. The best part is that I have a lot to do but my work and life will be simpler, and fun.
Steven is direct, pulls no punches, but is supportive.
Coaches really do need coaches, because we can get stuck in a cycle that prevents us from seeing what is staring us in the face. Helping other people is easier, than spotting our own bottlenecks.
If you feel you want to get some clarity, direction and support for the next phase of your business, Steven is invaluable. I have been buzzing ever since.
I would encourage having even an initial call with him. I cannot thank him enough.

Georgette R.O - Business Money Consultant