After having coaching with Steven, I can genuinely say I would recommend him in a heartbeat. I enquired about the coaching with the intention of improving a particular area of work at the time, and left after the coaching in a very different state as it had opened up avenues I had wanted to work on, but did not think possible at the time.

This jolted me into looking and my business very differently and pursuing what I really wanted to do that has opened up a lot more doors financially and career wise.

His weekly coaching was invaluable to keeping me focused and accountable to the goals and plans we set in the intensive days, and I have stayed in contact with Steven since and he has been happy to help with advice at different stages.

Nearly a year on, I have developed hugely following Stevens coaching, both personally as well as professionally. Although the outcome is very different to what I initially thought it would be after coaching with him, I am now a lot more aligned with what I want to do moving forward and happier in all areas of my life. I am now making a living as a performer, doing what I absolutely love, and I am in the process of starting my property portfolio.

His coaching opened my mind up to a very different way of thinking and I continue to work on this each day. His advice and help has been invaluable and is clear how its filtered into different areas of my career. I look forward to our next coaching session and seeing the next 6 month unfold! Thank you!

Chloe B - Actress

What can I say? Steve Haggerty does what he says he’s going to do. I got the kick up the butt I needed to finish something that has been sapping my time and energy, now leaving me free to move forward in a positive, exciting direction. What a lovely, generous, inspiring man you are Steve, thank you so much. Very, very happy to recommend you.

Julia M - Entrepreneur

We used Steven for two days team and one on one training. He spoke the same language as us and we found him to be engaging and defiantly took value away from his sessions.

He is very knowledgeable and had a way of explaining things that really struck a chord with my team.

Jason C - Managing Director (Recruitment)

Just spent a fantastic strategy day with Steven Haggerty. Recently I’ve had loads of ideas about my new business and lacked clarity as to how these ideas were going to come together. Plus how I scale back my existing business. With Steven’s help, I now know how all my ideas fit together and how they can be a powerful, congruent platform to move forward. We then delved into the detail of each idea and reverse engineered a financial strategy based on how much I want the business to make this year. What came out was a very realistic and achievable target which has motivated me to go out and target the client’s I want.
All-in-all a really productive day that has kicked me into gear. Just what I needed at the start of the new year!!

Keith W - Executive Coach & Business Owner

I just had my first online call with Steven.. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I finished that call blown away. It was everything I already knew I had inside me he brought to the surface. I will be planning on working closely with Steven in the near future to better myself and my business. And I am really looking forward to it. I highly recommend getting in touch with Steven if you are looking for coaching sessions. He is extremely professional ( he’s quite funny too). Thank you, Steven. I look forward to speaking with you again very soon.

Lucy B - Entrepreneur

I had a business strategy session with Steven for my business and I left with some clear actions to take. Steven shared that he has been an entrepreneur since he was 11 and it shows! He is skilled around language/communication for business development and chock full of great ideas for growing your business. Thanks so much, Steven!

Tracey A. - Leadership Coach

Thank you so much, Steven, for our recent power hour call. You made me feel instantly at ease. Some of your questions weren’t the easiest to answer but those were the ones that really pinpointed where my issues were coming from.

In just one hour I learnt so much about myself. You gave me some great ideas that I can take away and use instantly. I would highly recommend you and I would love to work with you again in the future.

Lauren W - Speech Coach/Therapist

Thoroughly enjoyed my Breakthrough Day with Steve.

I’ve been into personal development for a few years now and find it easy to help others identify their values and to work in line with them, however, I’ve always struggled to do this for myself.

Over the space of the day Steve and I worked on long term and short term goals and identified how to achieve them by drilling down into my core values- something I wouldn’t have done if left my to my own devices so Thank You Steve

Toni G - Property developer & Trainer

A few quick points on my coaching call with Steven

1. There was no yes man stuff going on here. He challenged everything I said

2. He pushed on my comfort zone hard. I’d been getting a little lax lately. I needed that.

3. I’m left with some very specific tasks I will be implementing to grow my list.

If you have been thinking about doing a call with Steven to see what’s he’s all about, just do it.

Thank you Steven

Charles B - Fitness Studio Owner

I worked with Steven over three calls, in addition to casual conversations. He gave me tools to focus on my purpose. Spider-maps. Affirmations. Abundance mindset. I put them to action immediately and saw an immediate change in my life. I felt comfortable speaking my truth to Steven, even when I knew he’d call me out. Through our three meetings I realized an untouched seed inside me, a desire I had buried that screams for me to follow! I’m planning my future around art, creativity, travel as I write this, and I’m thankful to Steven for helping me push past some of my mental blocks

Joe B - Artistic Entrepreneur