I had a business strategy session with Steven for my business and I left with some clear actions to take. Steven shared that he has been an entrepreneur since he was 11 and it shows! He is skilled around language/communication for business development and chock full of great ideas for growing your business. Thanks so much, Steven!

Tracey A. - Leadership Coach

Thank you so much, Steven, for our recent power hour call. You made me feel instantly at ease. Some of your questions weren’t the easiest to answer but those were the ones that really pinpointed where my issues were coming from.

In just one hour I learnt so much about myself. You gave me some great ideas that I can take away and use instantly. I would highly recommend you and I would love to work with you again in the future.

Lauren W - Speech Coach/Therapist

Thoroughly enjoyed my Breakthrough Day with Steve.

I’ve been into personal development for a few years now and find it easy to help others identify their values and to work in line with them, however, I’ve always struggled to do this for myself.

Over the space of the day Steve and I worked on long term and short term goals and identified how to achieve them by drilling down into my core values- something I wouldn’t have done if left my to my own devices so Thank You Steve

Toni G - Property developer & Trainer

A few quick points on my coaching call with Steven

1. There was no yes man stuff going on here. He challenged everything I said

2. He pushed on my comfort zone hard. I’d been getting a little lax lately. I needed that.

3. I’m left with some very specific tasks I will be implementing to grow my list.

If you have been thinking about doing a call with Steven to see what’s he’s all about, just do it.

Thank you Steven

Charles B - Fitness Studio Owner

I worked with Steven over three calls, in addition to casual conversations. He gave me tools to focus on my purpose. Spider-maps. Affirmations. Abundance mindset. I put them to action immediately and saw an immediate change in my life. I felt comfortable speaking my truth to Steven, even when I knew he’d call me out. Through our three meetings I realized an untouched seed inside me, a desire I had buried that screams for me to follow! I’m planning my future around art, creativity, travel as I write this, and I’m thankful to Steven for helping me push past some of my mental blocks

Joe B - Artistic Entrepreneur

I came across Steven at a time in my business when I was in transition and I was looking to identify my next best step. In the space of 90 minutes Steven made me feel at ease and helped me to figure out the best way forward for me at that stage in my business. He helped me to find my own answers as well as offering some really useful hints and tips of his own.

Kirsty S. - Project Catalyst and Performance Coach

Having been introduced by a mutual contact at the start of the year I have been on a massive journey.

Steven really gets to the heart of what you want and pulls no punches. He is honest and on point, there is no messing about with him. He wants you to succeed but he won’t accept non-action.

If you are looking to work with someone who will keep you focused and moving forward then look no further.

It has been a pleasure to get to know Steven and work with him throughout this year.

Mark B. - Property Problem Solver

Steven put a post on LinkedIn offering a free coaching session. I don’t normally jump on free stuff, but we’ve been connected for a while and I liked his LinkedIn presence. I was also facing a dilemma in my business at that moment and needed an impartial source of guidance outside of my close network. Not only was Steven fast to respond, his style and approach blew me away. He came to the call having done his due diligence, provided appropriate, impressive yet down to earth guidance and practical support way beyond what I would have expected. I would recommend Steven to any business owner who needs someone to shine a light in the right direction for them.

Suzie L. - Sales & marketing comms pro

I really have to take the time to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Steven Haggerty. We met via Coffee with Dan and he was kind enough to offer me some direction in my business.

Steven doesn’t pull his punches. He called me out on my excuses and gave me the proverbial “kick up the arse” I needed to implement some long overdue changes. After a week of following up on his suggestions I am on a new path in my business and have just made a deal that is going to completely transform how I work going forward. Read less hours = more money.

If your business is not performing like it once did or if you’re not finding it as rewarding as you once did, then I’d highly recommend getting in on Steven’s Hour of Power. You’ll thank me later

Dunstan M - Midlane Marketing

If you are looking for a business coach to propel your business, I cannot recommend Steven Haggerty enough.
Like many people; on top of business I have a family, and I am carer, so I am pulled in many different directions during the week. I needed to shake things up to get back time and to reduce the continual felling of playing catch-up.
I was juggling too many balls in business 1, which left me little time to dedicate to business 2. Too many ideas; and procrastinating even about things I really wanted to do.
We went through what had been happening and what I wanted to do. I mean what I really, really wanted to do.
Without skipping a beat, Steven came up with a strategy and more ways to implement than I could mentally take in. The best part is that I have a lot to do but my work and life will be simpler, and fun.
Steven is direct, pulls no punches, but is supportive.
Coaches really do need coaches, because we can get stuck in a cycle that prevents us from seeing what is staring us in the face. Helping other people is easier, than spotting our own bottlenecks.
If you feel you want to get some clarity, direction and support for the next phase of your business, Steven is invaluable. I have been buzzing ever since.
I would encourage having even an initial call with him. I cannot thank him enough.

Georgette R.O - Business Money Consultant