Steven put a post on LinkedIn offering a free coaching session. I don’t normally jump on free stuff, but we’ve been connected for a while and I liked his LinkedIn presence. I was also facing a dilemma in my business at that moment and needed an impartial source of guidance outside of my close network. Not only was Steven fast to respond, his style and approach blew me away. He came to the call having done his due diligence, provided appropriate, impressive yet down to earth guidance and practical support way beyond what I would have expected. I would recommend Steven to any business owner who needs someone to shine a light in the right direction for them.

Suzie L. - Sales & marketing comms pro

I really have to take the time to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Steven Haggerty. We met via Coffee with Dan and he was kind enough to offer me some direction in my business.

Steven doesn’t pull his punches. He called me out on my excuses and gave me the proverbial “kick up the arse” I needed to implement some long overdue changes. After a week of following up on his suggestions I am on a new path in my business and have just made a deal that is going to completely transform how I work going forward. Read less hours = more money.

If your business is not performing like it once did or if you’re not finding it as rewarding as you once did, then I’d highly recommend getting in on Steven’s Hour of Power. You’ll thank me later

Dunstan M - Midlane Marketing

If you are looking for a business coach to propel your business, I cannot recommend Steven Haggerty enough.
Like many people; on top of business I have a family, and I am carer, so I am pulled in many different directions during the week. I needed to shake things up to get back time and to reduce the continual felling of playing catch-up.
I was juggling too many balls in business 1, which left me little time to dedicate to business 2. Too many ideas; and procrastinating even about things I really wanted to do.
We went through what had been happening and what I wanted to do. I mean what I really, really wanted to do.
Without skipping a beat, Steven came up with a strategy and more ways to implement than I could mentally take in. The best part is that I have a lot to do but my work and life will be simpler, and fun.
Steven is direct, pulls no punches, but is supportive.
Coaches really do need coaches, because we can get stuck in a cycle that prevents us from seeing what is staring us in the face. Helping other people is easier, than spotting our own bottlenecks.
If you feel you want to get some clarity, direction and support for the next phase of your business, Steven is invaluable. I have been buzzing ever since.
I would encourage having even an initial call with him. I cannot thank him enough.

Georgette R.O - Business Money Consultant

If you’re at a stage in your business where you know you want to grow, but not sure how or what to do first, then do have a chat with Steven.

He asks questions that makes you think, and help you come up with a plan to work on.

Some vision, as well as some practical steps to take straight away, including tools to use.

I would highly recommend Steven as a business coach/mentor.

Anne L. - Weight Loss Expert and Nutritional Therapist at AI Fitness

Steven gives clear clarity and direction in what it takes in order to a accomplish your goals through a milestone method which wont overwhelm you.

His ability in being able to guide you into becoming the best version of you is highly achievable as long as you are willing to do your part and take action.

Charmaine F. Retail industry

What is your name, position/business and location?

Jackie. F  Business owner within the health and wellness industry

Location: France

What hesitations did you have about working with me?

Whether you would understand my industry and background. I have been spoken to coaches and mentors previously but never felt that they understood what I did, why I do it and my vision. I really respected the time you took to get to know me and my business, this is one of the biggest reasons I think we worked so well together.

What changes have you noticed in your (business, life, health, etc) so far?

When we started working together my business was stagnant and I was having to spend a lot of my time working on the business rather than in the business. I was feeling drained and fed up, but within a very short period of time working with you I started to notice the shifts. The strategies we put place I could implement immediately. We changed my viewpoint on the business, got clarity within my vision for it and stopped doing some things that were not helping me.

Now my business is growing in more ways than I could have imagined, both on and offline. I was not expecting these sort of changes but I am glad I reached out and got in touch.

I feel I have more control, balance and time in both my business and personal life. Things I did not have before.

What specific offer/feature did you like best about working with me?

He did not allow me to make excuses for myself, we created goals that I could action straight away which really helped keep me on track.

He checked in on me in-between our secluded phone calls which I found really helped keep me focused, It is exactly what I needed.

Connecting my values with all aspects of my life has proved to be life changing for me, this is all thanks to your style and approach.

How have you benefited from the service I provided you?

YES! Working with you has been one of the best decisions I have made, I am happier, healthier, clearer and more successful than before. You help me see my own potential and that is very exciting for me!

I am now focused and more determined. I have clarity in what I am doing, which has allowed me to lead a much more balanced life with a more successful business.

I will continue to work with Steven and would recommend him to anybody looking to make serious changes in their life and business

Jackie. F Business owner within the health and wellness industry

What is your name, position/business and location?

Claire W. Founder of a Social Media Marketing company.

Cheshire, United Kingdom

What hesitations did you have about working with me/before buying my program?

I had previously invested in self-study and group coaching programs before but had never really seen the benefit from them, or did for a short period of time before falling back into my old bad habits usually during the program Id loose motivation or fall behind.

I definitely needed 1:1 support and Steven gave me the opportunity to get the accountability and coaching support to help gain more clarity on my business, overcome my limiting self-beliefs which were holding me back and give me the focus and motivation needed to succeed.

Unlike other coaches Ive worked with, he asked the right questions, showed a genuine interest in helping me to reach my goals and really took the time to understand where I wanted to be at the end of the process. He also helped me to set small, manageable weekly targets which I could easily fit around my other commitments and those contributed towards my bigger goals. This ensured that I was not only on track to achieve my longer term goals but also made sure that I progress during the program.

What changes have you noticed in your (business, life, health, etc) so far?

During the programs there were lots of ups and downs, which I think is exactly what I needed. He forced me to think about myself, to answer questions which I found deficit and first and to really think about the direction I waned it to go in and work out what was really holding me back. I had made a lot of excuses about why my businesses wasnt working and Steven helped me to realise what the real issues were and to let go of things that werent in my control. He helped me to think more practically and as someone who spent a lot of time working from home and not really having the opportunity to speak to someone about my business, having someone who listened and just got it was a huge help.

What specific offer/feature did you like best about working with me?

He wouldn’t let me give up no excuse was going to cut it with him and thats exactly what I needed.

He regularly sent me voice notes to check in, asked me to set daily or weekly goals and to share my successes as well as gave me reminders. He was also available to give me advice and support me outside of calls which I found really refreshing.

He also shared my business links and offers, and even recommended my services to other people he knew / was working with he really went above and beyond compared to other coaches Ive worked with.

How have you benefited from the service I provided you?

One of the biggest challenges I faced before working with Steven was finding focus and motivation. I would often not achieve as much as I knew I was capable of because Id keep putting things off or easily get distracted with new ideas.

Steven helped me to get clear on this straight away, so I could spend the rest of my time working with him to focus on specific areas of my business which needed work. He offered my accountability to get tasks done and as a result I became more productive and gained more confidence to put myself out there. With his encouragement I was able to speak to more potential clients and saw results in terms of growing my online brand and following as well as gaining sales as a direct result of his support during our time working together.

Claire W. Founder of a Social Media Marketing company.

I was recommended Steven by a friend and I must say I was hesitate at first, having never used a coach or even been familiar with what they do. I approached it with a skeptical mind, Steven seemed to sense this and brought up the subject of what I think I will get out of this. Steven was honest and did not try and sell anything to me, instead we talked about where I was at that point in my life and why I approached him. Within the first introductory session I had brought down my own barriers and together we figured out some areas where I felt I would benefit the most from Steven. 12 sessions later I am embarking on a passion of mine and it feels incredible.

3 words I can use to sum up Steven are; Inventive, Patient and inspiring

Rahul S - Coaching client

I first met at Steven at an event that we both attended, we were paired together during an activity and I found him to be so genuine that I could open up to him. I asked if I could speak again, we set up a time and since then I have been able to understand what my goals are and how I can reach them. Having had a coach before, Stevens approach is very refreshing! His energy and passion for what he does gives you the motivation to expand your comfort zone! I have already recommended Steven to friends and will continue to do so! The value he gives is priceless!

JW - Coaching client