Fear and fear itself is what stops someone truly succeeding in life.

It’s not your environment

It’s not your spouse

It’s not your in-laws

It’s not your boss

It’s not your best friend

It’s not your best friend

It’s not your enemy

It’s not your coach

It’s not luck

It’s you….

Now I could end this post here and either a few of you will wake up and smell the roses but I suspect most of you will not enjoy me just saying It’s not XYZ its you. So allow me to go into some further detail…..

The truth behind success has nothing with luck. Elon Musk is not lucky, Richard Branson is not lucky, Alan Sugar is not lucky, David Beckham is not lucky, Deborah Meaden, JK Rowling is not lucky….

Every successful person has something in common, they didn’t give up.

Your determination to gain success in whatever you wish to do is an internal factor not an external one. It is the story you tell yourself everyday as to why you are doing what you are doing, and if you aren’t doing what you are wishing to do it is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you are not doing it.

There is nobody on this planet that can tell you that you’re a failure, because they have no idea what thought processes are going on in your head and how you are seeing the world. As an NLP term says, you have your map of the world and they have theirs – no two maps are the same! People seem to forget that, that is when alot of conditioning to do certain things, be a certain way and why success is often generalised now.

I know a number of people that their definition of success is owning a house, having a family and a steady job with a steady income.

My definition is slightly different, firstly I already feel successful in many aspects of my life. I am living the life I choose to live, have the freedom that alot of people do not and a clear vision in what I want to be doing over the next few years. But for me a big part of success is always being in the position to look into new projects, not be tunnel visioned in life – yes of course when I am working on said projects I am focused on them. I also want to be in a position to help family more, whether that be sending them off on holiday or just helping them out with opportunities.

Fear is the biggest stopping point for anyone, the fear of failure, the fear of being wrong, the fear of judgement, the fear of trying something new.

It is often one of the hardest things to overcome as well, until that precise moment that you actually put into action the steps you wish to take. Until then it can seem like a huge grey cloud and weight on your shoulders.

I work with alot of my clients around this fear of getting started and going into the unknown. I use alot of re-framing techniques to see things from different angles, add things into the equation and change the whole limiting belief. Because once that limiting belief is truly gone then what else can stop you? 9.9/10 the answer is nothing.

So if you are reading this and you are thinking of stepping into the unknown with something, I say go for it! So you start and it doesn’t go to plan and you “fail”…so what? Take the HUGE learnings you get form that and use it to go onto the next project.

I want to see more and more people in different places in 6-12 months time and living the life they want to live!

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