Why does it take so long?


I am talking about starting something new. Know this: New starts are underrated. I’m dead serious about that. And it’s not what you’re thinking about.


Remember that feeling when you sit down with someone over coffee maybe and just chat about “how awesome would it be to start a project that ….. ” You get all fired up about and start building on that feeling and riding that wave and the fun WHAT IF brainstorming session transforms into a real action plan. How many times has this happened to you? And how many times did you actually finish that passion project? Because it’s always “awesome to start a project that….” But it’s less fun to actually finish it.


You see, getting from an idea to the execution point often takes way too long. And usually, there is one reason to that: making sure that everything is crystal clear and 100% ready.


Anyway, raise your hand if you had a favourite toy when you were a toddler. Alright, I don’t expect you to remember that, but raise your hand if your mother has ever told anybody the embarrassing stories of how her little baby couldn’t fall asleep without that favourite toy or safety blanket.


And in case you’re wondering, the reason I have asked you to raise your hand is this: even if you’ve grown up, perhaps you still can’t do anything without your favourite safety blanket.


Alright, you can let your hand down and hey, I was joking. I know that you don’t need a safety blanket anymore, but what if it simply became something else?


What if, your “adult” safety blanket is having absolute clarity on every single aspect of your business?


If you are not sure how to answer the question abode think about this: how would you feel if you had to start something new like a big project while being only let’s say 60% ready for it?


Would you succeed or fail? What do you think would happen?


Well, sorry to break the news but you’re not going to fail. If you don’t have absolute clarity on every single aspect of your business, you’re going to be fine.


Now, don’t get me wrong, you’re probably going to fail if you don’t have clarity on some big aspects of your business, like strategy or budget.


But sometimes, the lack of clarity can actually motivate people and enable them to get further in their business, than perhaps waiting for the hundred percent perfect area aka “the safety blanket.”


Here’s another thought-provoking idea: Lacking clarity can sometimes bring surprisingly huge benefits to you and your business.


Alright, before you start throwing imaginary rotten tomatoes at me, just hear this:


We would all love to have more clarity in business. But I think it is safe to say that everyone struggles with certain aspects of their business.


And this can happen at any stage and to anyone. You know, from the big dogs like Coca-Cola to the little One-Man-Bands who started last week that are probably smashing it as well.


And even if we all know that this is real and that those situations happen more often that we would like them to, most of us have the same reactions when it comes to lacking clarity, and that is: “You need to get clarity you need to get clear, you need to be clear on every single thing in your business. Otherwise, you’re gonna fail.”


But why is that so? Why is nobody excited for those times?


I am, and I like when things aren’t perfect and do you want to know why?


Because through the lack of clarity we discover new things, new ideas, new unexpected answers and solutions we would have ignored otherwise. And only by sacrificing the clarity of a safe and pre-defined future, we are getting new results, more momentum, the possibility to write new and more interesting stories and also more time.


If you have any doubts about what you’ve just read, then hear this my friend: Imperfect action is better than inaction.


Because sometimes, being aware of missing clarity on something, can actually give you the clarity that you need. Through the outcomes through the changes that you’re going through, through the decisions that you take.


So don’t be afraid if you’re lacking clarity or if you’re lacking some oomph in your business right now.


Don’t be afraid to start at 60%.


Don’t be afraid to start at 70%.


And certainly don’t be afraid to start at 80%.


If you’re waiting for 100%, be afraid. Because if you’re waiting for 100%, if you’re waiting for that perfect time, for that perfect moment you’ve probably already missed it.


So start now. Wherever you are in your journey. Start now. Start today


Because through the lack of clarity, you will discover, you’ll grow and you will create new things for you and your business.


One last thing, if you decided that it is time to get rid of your safety blanket, that it is time to act even without being 100% ready, then I’ve got a proposal for you.


Why don’t you leave a comment below so we can have a discussion? Just you and me, with nobody else. I have done this with many different people from many different corners of the world and I want to do it with you as well.


It will serve you well and it is free. Why is that so? Because I care about you.

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