Time for a life update/transparent post/what am I up to…..

I have a number of connections on here, alot I know personally and alot I have never met – which is awesome.

I wanted to do this post as update or even an introduction to who am I and what I am doing plus my plan for 2017, it is broken into three sections (Coaching, Businesses and Property)

>>>My Coaching Business<<<

I’m a Business coach, working with entrepreneurs and businesses to develop a strategic understanding to effectively grow their business along with gaining clarity and overcoming limiting beliefs. I work with committed people who are ready to take the action to get the results they desire. Im a NLP Practitioner and accredited life coach – but the certificates are not why I did that – I did it to fill up my invisible toolbox for the clients.

Corporate side: This year will see me focusing more of the corporate side, delivering training to companies that are struggling with staff retention, training and engagement – all theses have a knock on effect to sales, customer service and management responsibility.

Another part of my coaching business is the speaking side, speaking at events about having an entrepreneurial mindset, creating kickass goals to get you from zero to hero along with other topics and techniques.

The Business Den: This is a recent addition (early stages) which will see a community grow. I will be running The Business Den events every 3 months and I am also currently looking into creating online content/products via The Business Den. As I said, early days but it will develop into something further. (You can join the group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/217407695400673/)

The coaching and speaking will always be the core of what I do and it will always align with everything else I do in life.


As many of you know, I am an entrepreneur through and through. Every single thing that I see in life I look at with a slightly different view than most, which enables me to see so much potential in people. I started my entrepreneurial journey at just 11 years old when I was selling CDs in the playground, even before that I would be knocking on the doors asking if people wanted their car washed. It is literately in my blood and I love it! I have had successful businesses and some no-so successful business, but guess what? I learnt alot more from failing than the successes.

Incubator One: Myself and my now business partner were sat brainstorming last year about what sort of business we can create together that will work to our strengths. I mentioned I had always wanted to set up an incubator type business and the rest is history – he is an awesome business partner and we work extremely well together. We both see this as a long term vision working with awesome people – the future is bright!

Along with incubator one I am working on a number of things very much behind the scenes – if they come off or not time will tell. But I am doing what I love and love what I am doing.


I have wanted to get into property for such a long time, ever since going to mortgage meetings with my dad as he was a mortgage advisor and then later my mum got into some property development – I got the bug!

Last year I started looking how I can get into property, but the timing was never quite right for what I wanted to do.

In January I sat myself down and structured what I wanted this year to look like, property was a big one. First things first, find a property coach! I did not want to go onto a seminar and then buy another course then another course. I wanted to work 1-1 with a guy who knew his shit. The power of Facebook helped me out and I started working with Mark Bowen. This man is amazing, we connected instantly and his knowledge is brilliant plus he is honest which I respect massively! Once again from some of his own mishaps or mistakes it means he has seen both the good and the bad of property.

Now with far more clarity, I will be starting this venture full force, beginning with lease options and deal sourcing focusing on SW post codes. From there it will grow into a portfolio enabling me to go into other avenues of property such as development.

The branding etc behind the property side of things is being worked on at the moment but this is a teaser in case you see me posting some property related posts from time to time!

>>>The End<<<

Well not quite, my number one rule is providing value to people. Via that is through coaching, speaking, business or property. I am here to get people from where they are now to where they want to be.

Am I earning 10’s of thousands a month from it….no….not yet! Do I have a earning goal? Hell yes.

Am I focused? Fuck yes, I am a ridiculously focused person. I am a relaxed person by nature, but that does not mean I am not focused. I know what I want, how to get it and why I want it and what it will give me.

This ended up being a very long post – If you have made it this far thank you for reading and thank you for being you and being on this amazing journey that will never stop!

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