I’m a true believer that tailored and personalised training is something that sits at the heart of any successful business. For me, a business is built upon its people the conventional B2B and B2C models are invalid. We work in a P2P environment, not one manager, employee or client will respond or work in the same way and my unique and tailored training programmes allow corporate businesses to utilise their management teams and develop them to a whole new level of advanced skills.

So in order to stay ahead of the curve in the highly competitive corporate world, I provide bespoke consultancy training having built a successful business from the ground up; everything from recruitment to e-retail. I do not provide a ‘one size fits all’ approach! Simply because no two people are the same from the way we see and experience things or the way we react to the situations.

Now imagine if you can take the people in your organisation, who are all unique, and build on their individual strengths which in turn will have positive effects on the top level down, from the CEO to the new recruit there is always work to be done. Change is exciting and development is crucial in the corporate world.

I pride myself on delivering training that is different from most, |I guarantee you will NOT be sat in front of a mundane powerpoint presentation for hours wishing you were somewhere else. By making things as fun and interactive as possible this will enhance the experience and make the development far superior and easy to weave into everyday life.

Corporate training and development programmes include;

  • Bespoke leadership and management training – Transform your people so they transform your business 
  • Performance management –Improving the performance and developing the capabilities of teams and individual contributors.
    • Situational leadership
    • Client relationship building
    • Creating connection and buy-in through rapport and calibration
    • How to always achieve peak performance
  • Presentation skills – Get your message across in the most powerful and impactful way. 
  • Advanced communication – Convey your messages directly with energy, awareness and authenticity.
    • Developing your power and flexibility as a communicator
    • Communicating with others effectively
    • The language of influence
    • Understanding your customers and their decisions
    • Understanding multiple perspectives
    • How to give and receive constructive feedback

Steven came into the business with such a unique and fresh vision, he truly helped to take my team to the next level. He treated each member of staff as an individual, not a department, and as a result, the teams have worked and communicated more effectively and fluidly with each other. Outputs are up and productivity is high. 

This truly has been a worthwhile investment and I look forward to the next step”

-UK MD – Recruitment Industry (company size 40-50 people)


All programmes are bespoke and tailored, however, pricing starts at £800 per day (in-house) and retainers subject to length of the contract.

To discuss your training and development needs, please use the contact form below