Here is a list of some of my accreditations and training;

  • NLP Trainer
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Certified life and business coach
  • LAB Profile Practitioner (although I need to send off the final bit for this – its on my list this week!)
  • Certified mBIT Coach
  • Also recently took an Eriksonian hypnosis course which plays into the coaching side massively and I will be doing more training this year and the years to come because I absolutely love learning more about the brain, our behaviors, and patterns.

And all training was face-to-face… none of this online accreditation stuff!

But here is the thing, how many people do you think have asked me about my certification?

Honestly, in terms of professional bases… none

Friendly chat bases I would say about 5.

So what does that tell you…

That the training wasn’t needed?

That people don’t really care what you have?

What else?

SO what it tells me, is that you just have to start doing what you want to do NOW and be confident in what you do.

Coaches do not officially need any training or certification (although I would also suggest it, mainly for YOU rather than what you can give to your clients)

But this is the same in most industries, people wait until they have XYZ to start. But in reality, you just need to start.

There will always be another training you can do to be “ready”, there will also be another system you can buy or another coach to work with.

There will always be another excuse as to why you are putting off what you really want to do (which is an extremely interesting behavior pattern that will be reflected in other areas of your lives)

But the truth of the matter is, you will never be truly ready. Nobody is. But you can trust that you will figure it out along the way.

Trust yourself, own yourself and step up to start living life on your terms.

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