I want to talk about your Story, over the past two years I have seen countless people share their story on stage, social media and meeting them at a networking event.

I have no issue with people sharing their story, I find alot of them to be inspiring.

However (have you noticed I always have a “however” moment?), yes However I think you order to be successful, and I am taking this from alot of coaches and speakers who are looking to create a business from being a coach, trainer or speaker. In order to be successful you have to be MORE than your story.

At the end of the day your story is exactly that YOUR story. If you are a speaker then your story can get pretty boring pretty quickly for alot of people.

Use your story as your own motivation first and foremost, your motivation to create something more than your story. If you are a speaker, coach or trainer you should be developing services and products that ensure that you never have to re-live your story again, never have to be homeless again or be living month to month.

I come across alot of people that have such passion in what they want to share, but no business. Which means a year or two later they are still in a job they hate, but have built a great following or tribe. It is great fun working with these people to develop their business, because the passion is 100% there and once you start to develop action plans and a more business mindset then they are rolling!

I rarely share my “story”, I share a bio about myself. But leave out alot of sh*t! Why? Because it not longer relates to me, I do not feel the need to be tied to things in that way. For what I do, I do not need to stand up and share many details about my story. Perhaps that will change, but for now it works for me and has not stopped me achieving things I set out to achieve.

The successful inspirations are the ones that never give up, the ones that have clarity BUT also the ones that know how to monetise their passion.

So whatever life you want to live, step back and look at how and what you need to do to achieve that.

Allow your story to empower you to success!

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