Let’s talk about holidays & marketing!

I just shared this in my group on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/217407695400673/) and was told it would be a great public post so here it is!

Today is St Patricks day, an excuse for many to get off their face on green beer, green pizza and then green tea the next day.

But what about using holidays like this to market yourself?

Can you do it effectively?

My take on this, it all depends on what services you’re offering! I wouldn’t for example do something special to promote my 1-1 coaching by wearing a green st Patrick’s day hat and hoping it brought in a new client….maybe I should try that next year?

However, if I ran an online membership programme I would use some sort of way to tie in st Patrick’s day to increase engagement.

I am actually very surprised about how Little marketing ploys I’ve seen today, maybe one or two but a lot less than last year!

Marketing is an interesting topic, a wife one at that! You can use so many different systems, techniques and follow 100s of marketing styles. But if it doesn’t work to suit who you are and what you want to achieve then guess what? It won’t work.

What’s your best and worst self marketing story?

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