STOP LIVING LIFE ON REPEAT – Can you hear me clear enough!?

Before I start, I will not hold back in this post so read on at your own risk. 

I have adopted this saying from somewhere and I truly live by it. Time and time again I speak to people who are living life on repeat without even knowing they are doing it – which is the worst thing about it!


For the majority this will happen until something shocks them out of it, perhaps they get ill or their partner leaves them or they die. It takes a drastic life event for them to wake up to life.


Stop being a zombie, stop just surviving, waiting until retirement, saving for a holiday that will pause your life for 7 days…..start living.

How many people do you know are living on repeat? Or perhaps living for the weekend?

It’s funny that people think because it is a weekday that they can not do things, “its a school night” is an excuse that gets thrown around like water in a water fight. Now I don’t mean go for a drinking session everyday after work, but do not limit yourself to finishing work – going home and just sticking on netflix everyday. Use your time to your benefit, make new connections, reignite the old ones and most importantly just enjoy your life.

The moment you stop living on repeat you are giving yourself a purpose, a reason to do what you are doing. You are giving yourself permission to change your situations, grow and expand your limitations and enjoy your life.

The last few blog posts can all come into this theme today, saying yes, hustling and time.

Create the tools to never live life on repeat again, it’s all in the mindset. Your mindset controls how you handle situations and you can re-programme your mind to deal with situations and environments differently and guess what YOU CAN DO THIS AT ANY AGE! Shocking I know but another common thing I hear is “Oh I am too old to change” WOAH I say WOAH WOAH WOAH – too old to change? You’re telling me that the experiences you have faced in life can not actually be a benefit to you and help the change you are craving? Just because you are of a certain age does not mean you can’t switch things up, start again or add more into your life… in fact even more reason to do so!

When I was starting my first proper business at 13 I used to get the “oh your young” comment thrown at me alot (and sometimes still do), I used to get annoyed and wish they would see past my age. But now I love when that gets said, because I know my own abilities and I also know that within an hour, day, week or year they will come up to me and say “Sorry to judge you by your age”. I know I had the different mentality of most 13 year olds and I still have a different mentality to most people my age, but this enables me to succeed with what I am doing. I am so aware of what I am doing, why I am doing it and where I am going with it that I do not have time to live my life on repeat.

Awareness is the key to everything

I did an interview recently and spoke a little about how awareness is the key to everything (I will actually write a blog post on it soon). Once you are aware of where you are in your life you CAN stop living on repeat. You can better yourself and you can make those changes that you deeply crave.

Nobody is every too young, too old, too unhealthy, too lazy, too unfocused etc to not be able to change their situation. It all starts with awareness.

So I want you to step back and look at your situation, are you living on repeat? Do not wait for something drastic to happen to create your awareness.

So are you living or just being alive?

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