Said no one ever….

I watched a video on Facebook the other day by a HUGE company. It was a video of a presentation that was filmed via Facebook live and then promoted using facebook ads. It was 40 minutes long of this guy standing in front of his power point presentation reading off the screen with a very monotone voice….I watched 10 minutes and wanted to grab the pen next to me and see how far I could ram it into my ear….that would of been far more exciting.

My point is, to me this shows how this company just does not know how to engage with people. It is also scary the fact this company, which has all the resources it needs to make a kickass presentation, allowed themselves to go ahead with that and then thought “hey that was awesome, lets put that as a facebook advert – aren’t we so hip!”


Really nobody does, if you have hired a trainer/presenter/speaker for your training day and event and all they end up doing is reading from the slides and adding very little else…..ask for your money back and do not hire that person again. In fact, you should slap yourself on the wrist for doing that in the first place.

If you want to engage with your staff on days like that then make sure they are at least awake in the room.

I posted a few weeks about how corporate training needs to be turned on its head! From that I had a number of people reach out to me asking for me to come in and provide training on how to communicate and engage with their staff and clients – so guess what? I have developed a 1-3 programme that blows other presenters out of the water, how do I know this? Because firstly, it is engaging, fun and interactive and secondly I have left it open so I can tweak and cater to the clients needs! I won’t be delivering the same presentation to you as I did to the company down the road last week.

Start from within

Start small and simple, how you communicate to your team is how your team communicate with you. How are you keeping your team motivated? Excited? and driven to succeed?

Every single action you take with your team has a knock on effect, on team spirit and how your customers see your company.


Invest in your team, both in time and resources. Are you giving them everything in your power to ensure they are happy and fulfilled at their role?

Because guess what, if you don’t then there will be another company that will seek out the good guys and poach them and those good guys will go with them without any doubt because they are not feeling valued.

Invest in the right way, getting the right people in. Don’t hire a carbon copy trainer of yourself or your director because they won’t get anything new and fresh – be brave and hire the ones that truly mix things up!

Invest in their personal and professional development, such as courses, events, seminars, whatever it is that can help them will help you!

From where I see it, there are too many people that are dragging themselves to work, that are disconnected and dis-aligned with their companies values and mission.

This can all be turned around, but are you willing to do it?

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